Facility List

Building Size: 15,000 sq. ft.
Inspection Area: Temperature Controlled 68 degrees F

Milling Equipment

Horizontal CNC

Matsuura MAM-600HF Cell 12 Pallet
2 Matsuura MAM-500HF Cell 11 Pallet
2 Hitachi Seiki HG400 III 2 Pallets
Makino A51NX with Module MMC2

Dual Spindle CNC

Matsuura RA3FDC 2 Pallets
Matsuura 800 VDC
Matsurra 600 VDC with Yasnac I80 Control, 12,000 RPM

Vertical CNC

Matsuura 1000 with Yasnac Control Travel 40” x 20”
Matsuura 1000VG with Yasnac Control Travel 40” x 21”
Matsuura 760V with Yasnac Control Travel 30” x 16”
Matsuura 560 with Yasnac Control Travel 22” x 16”
Matsuura RA-II with pallet changer and Yasnac Control Travel
Matsuura RA-3G II with pallet changer and Yasnac Control Travel 20” x 24”
Matsuura RA-4G with pallet changer and Yasnac Control

Manual Mills

2 Bridgeport Vari Head Vertical Mills with Digital Readout II computer systems

Turning Equipment

CNC Lathes

Nakamura Tome Slant Jr. Turning Center with LNS Bar Feed
Yama Seiki GLS-2000LMS with LNS Eco Load S2 bar feed

Manual Lathes

Hardinge HLV Tool Room Lathe
Takisawa 8000 Engine Lathe

Inspection Equipment

Mitutoyo CMM Bright Apex 910 with PH10T Probing, MCR20 Probe Rack and Nikon CMM Manager software
Mitutoyo CMM BHN706 with PH9 Probing and GEOPAK Multipurpose Software
Brown and Sharp Micro Electric Bore Gage
Sigma Model HB 400 Optical Comparator with Digital Readout
Mitutoyo Surftest 212 Surface Roughness Tester
Full Compliment of Inspection Equipment

Environment Control

Hyde 250 gallon Recycling Unit with Coolant Return System
Hyde 90 gallon Stationary Coolant Pump Clean

Other Equipment


Boyer Schultz Surface Grinder
Optima Drill Grinder

Finishing Operations

Econoline Bead Blaster
Roto Finish Tumble Deburr

Cleaning Equipment

Crest Four Station Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine with 2 Rinse and Recirculating Hot Air Dryer

Computer Capabilities


EZ CAM Software

Computerized Job Monitoring

Smart Shop – a total shop management system

Electronic Data Interchange System

Another user-friendly feature that MECPRO has available is EDIS. This environmentally friendly software package enables us to communicate directly with our customers via our computer systems. It allows for the communication of information on a daily basis thus saving money, time and paper. EDIS Number: MECPROBX (408) 432-0804

Mecpro's new website is currently under developement so please check back often for new information about Mecpro & the services we offer.